Rotary Offset Plow


Many customers say the Silt Fence Plow pays for itself on the first job.

Patents 7,144,202 and 7,044,689

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Optional Equipment

HTL-1055 – Hydraulic Top Link Cylinder

The hydraulic top link cylinder goes in place of the rigid top link on the tractors 3 point hitch. It is required with the three point mounted plows for proper operation. It allows the angle of the knife of "The Silt Fence Plow" to be ajdusted so the plow does not nose dive or come out of the ground.

RWU-1056 Wire Unroller

The wire unroller mounts on either side of the machine. It allows a roll of wire to be unrolled as the fabric is being sliced into the ground. It will not install the wire into the ground. If you need to install the wire and the fabric into the ground together look at the Enfencer machine on our website. With the Push Pull model the wire unroller can only be used in the backwards position.

FC-1136 - 36" & FC-1148 - 48" Fabric Curtains

The fabric curtain is a plastic divider that separates the fabric so it does not rub against itself when going through the fabric chute. It is only needed when using non woven fabrics to prevent the fabric from grabbing itself and pulling down. With the slick woven fabric, the divider is not needed.

CPS-1050 – Center Pull Skid Loader Mounting Plate

The skid loader mounting plate can be pinned on the three point hitch model plows to allow them to be pulled backwards with a skid loader.


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