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EnFencer Wire Backed Silt Fence Installer


History and Uses of the EnFencer

Due to the historically slow process of installing wire backed silt fence while using the conventional trenching method, Jesse Putman of Putman Erosion Control in Ashville, AL invented the Enfencer to automate the process. Hundreds of Enfencer’s are in use around the country in all types of conditions including heavy clays, muddy and swampy areas, rocky rough terrain, slopes, and hills. The Enfencer provides superior installations compared to using a trencher while also reducing labor needs and installation time. It eliminates the need to backfill trenches, and when in hard rocky ground the rocks roll to the surface or become sheared by the moldboard knife.

The Enfencer can install any type or width of geotextile fabric, and any type of wire fencing you choose to install. The fabric and wire meet at the crimping disk in the back of the machine. The crimping disk inserts the fabric/wire combination into the ground slice made by the moldboard knife. The combined fabric and wire are inserted in the ground to the depth you desire with very little soil disturbance. After insertion of the wire-backed silt fence material, the ground-slit collapses securely entrapping the installed silt fence. Final soil compaction is achieved by running tractor wheels along the side of the ground slice.

The Enfencer’s installation method virtually prevents blowouts due to the machine creating a “J shaped” bend in the wire/fabric at the bottom of the ground slice. Most Enfencer users report installation rates of approximately 7000' of silt fence per day, including posts. The advantages of using the Enfencer are its high installation rates and a securely buried wire-backed silt fence. The Enfencer can pay for itself in one or two projects. For any of your installing silt fence needs, the Enfencer can get the job done quickly and with less manpower.

World’s Only Wire Reinforced Silt Fence Installation Machine>

US Patent No. 6,945,739 B1

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