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The Silt Fence Plow

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  • Buy a Plow for as little as $99 a month
  • 18" Diameter Fabric Plate – Prevents fabric from telescoping
  • Simple and effective spring tension for adjustment of the roll fabric
  • Dual knife point settings to optimize variances in tractor sizes

  • Rear pivot allows for turns as tight as the power unit can turn and reduces plow slide slap as compared to front pivot machines
  • Dual pivot point springs to prevent side slapping during transport
  • 6" x 2" tube steel frame construction for the strongest built plow in the industry
  • Category I and II 3 pt. hookup pins are standard equipment. Universal skid steer attach plate conventiently attach with 3 pins for easy on and off change-overs

  • Standard equipment spring loaded coulter to open the furrow and cut tree roots and vegetation
  • Replaceable hard surface Plow Point is designed to disrupt the soil upward for easier pulling and proper silt fence installation
  • Angled dirt deflector deflects the dirt away from the fabric door, so the fabric flows freely
  • Rear shear bolt protection with hardened brushing

  • 1" Thick Moleboard Knife
  • Stainless steel parts in key wear areas and specially designed fabric chute to prevent soil and debris from tearing the fabric

Optional Equipment