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Rotary Offset Plow

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Many customers say the Silt Fence Plow pays for itself on the first job.
Patents 7,144,202  and 7,044,689

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Cat. I and II 3 point hookup pins are standard equipment on the dedicated 3 point hitch attachment

Dedicated Quik Attach Skid Loader Mounting provides easy on and off. Both have retractable legs to keep the machines steady when unhooked.

90 Degree Rear Pivot Swing – The rear pivot can swing 90 degrees either side of center. The rear pivot design provides the tightest turning radius available. Massive 2″ x 8″ pivot pins ensure years of dependable service.

Spring Loaded Coulter with hardened steel blade cuts through tree roots and vegetation.

Fabric Tension Spring and 16″ diameter Fabric Plates. Simple easy to adjust fabric tension spring allows for quick adjustment. 16″ Diameter fabric plates prevent the fabric from telescoping over the plates during installation.

Forklift / Hoist slots for easy moving – 6″ x 4″ x 3/8″ Tube Steel Main Frame for the strongest built machine in the industry.

Replaceable hardened plow point is designed to disrupt the soil upward for easier pulling and proper silt fence installation.

1″ Thick Moleboard Knife is standard equipment. Stainless steel parts in key wear areas and specially designed fabric chute installs fabric in a tight consistent snag free manner.

Simple Rotary Offset Design allows you to quickly offset up to 31″ either side of center. By aligning two pins the machines offset position can be changed while it is in the ground.

Dual knife point settings optimize variances in tractor sizes. This allows the three point arms of the tractor to have a straight or downward pull. This optimizes the traction to the ground. If the three point arms are at an upward angle when the plow is in the ground there is less traction that the tires can achieve. Rear shear bolt protection with a hardened bushing protects the plow if a underground obstruction is hit.

Optional Equipment

HTL-1055 Hydraulic Top Link Cylinder

The hydraulic top link cylinder goes in place of the rigid top link on the tractors 3 point hitch. It is required with the three point mounted plows for proper operation. It allows the angle of the knife of "The Silt Fence Plow" to be adjusted so the plow does not nose dive or come out of the ground.

RWU-1056 Wire Unroller

The wire unroller mounts on either side of the machine. It allows a roll of wire to be unrolled as the fabric is being sliced into the ground. It will not install the wire into the ground. If you need to install the wire and the fabric into the ground together look at the Enfencer machine on our website. With the Push Pull model the wire unroller can only be used in the backwards position.

FC-1136 - 36" & FC-1148 - 48" Fabric Curtains

The fabric curtain is a plastic divider that separates the fabric so it does not rub against itself when going through the fabric chute. It is only needed when using non woven fabrics to prevent the fabric from grabbing itself and pulling down. With the slick woven fabric, the divider is not needed.

CPS-1050 Center Pull Skid Loader Plate

The skid loader mounting plate can be pinned on the three point hitch model plows to allow them to be pulled backwards with a skid loader.